Sauce 14 : Japanese curry

My husband introduced me to Japanese curry a long while ago, but the takeout took a while to reach me and didn’t reheat very well. So, I was left with a rather dull impression of that curry. However, recently one of the blogs to which I have subscribed featured a Japanese dish. You can find it at:

I felt the Japanese curry deserved another chance. After all, teriyaki was an acquired taste for me, which was also introduced to me imperfectly. I just got the idea to use teriyaki sauce with pasta, so I won’t go into my teriyaki trials now.

I liked Jamie’s suggestion in the blog to use one of the store-bought curry packs. A quick online search showed me it’s available in most stores here. I wonder why I never tried it before. It comes in a pack of five easily breakable sections and only one was needed for a meal for two. It’s ideally served with rice and so, the first time I made the curry with leftover vegetables and poured it on rice. Comfort food – that’s what it felt like, despite me being Indian.

I was ready to try it with pasta after the success with rice. Of course, I had some orzo leftover from the time I tried it with the terrible dal mentioned in the previous post.

Well, this time I like the curry and the orzo has a neutral flavor that is easily manipulated by any sauce poured on it. Just as I thought, the Japanese curry was equally pleasant with the orzo.

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